COVID 19 Detector

Principal investigator: Imfurayabo Pacifique
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Imfurayabo Pacifique

Study information

  • Research Area: COVID-19 Diagnosis
  • Research type: Technology Design
  • Start date: Apr 09, 2020
  • End date: May 31, 2021

Study aim of the objectives

I have conceived a device which I called " COVID 19 Detector " , it' s a medical device designed to be used both at hospital and in the community by people . This device is unique , the uniqueness of this device is that it will be used in the community by the people , target self diagnosis and diagnosis people by people , hence creation of the early awareness of infection . COVID 19 is an infectious disease which has quickly spred over the World from China . This disease is caused by a virus " Corona virus " . World has registered over 2.5 millions cases in a period of three months , the speed of contamination is high , this led world to a lockdown . Lockdown has been a quick reposte to the quick contamination of this disease . This led to negative consequences like the collapse of the entire world's economy , hunger in Middle and Low income Countries . As time is running the crisis is deepening , this is why I thought of a quick alternative and a serious intervention to the entire world's medical team in the drill against COVID 19 , this is COVID 19 Detector . A medical device destinated to be used in the community by people , target to create early awareness of infection , this will reduce the rate of infection to zero and will bring world back to work .

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